Marin Matches is dedicated to providing tutors to students throughout Marin who need extra academic support, regardless of their income level.  Thanks to monetary donations from paying clients and volunteer hours from tutors, we make sure that every student who needs extra academic support can get it.

Our process


Scholarship program

Our scholarship fund, combined with tutor volunteer hours, is what allows Marin Matches to tutor students of low-income levels.  


If you are unable to pay for tutoring, simply inform your tutor that you are participating in the scholarship program.

If you are a paying client, we respectfully ask that you donate $10+ for every hour of tutoring your child receives.  The best is if you MATCH what you pay!


Every donation, from anyone, is appreciated!


Become a tutor

If you are interested in becoming a tutor for Marin Matches, please apply.  You must agree to a combination of volunteer and paid hours, so that we can ensure tutoring for students of all income levels.

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